5 Customer Service Tips You Need to Know – Part 1

Customer service jobs are demanding.  They will test your patience, your level of irritation, your overall wellbeing.  On the worst days you may even feel like the world is out to get you.  Honestly, if that’s your outlook on customer service, it’s hard to blame you.  Customers aren’t always the happiest bunch of folk.  Your coworkers aren’t always going to be team players.  Your bosses, well, they have the power to make or break any given situation.  Raise your hand if you nodded when you read the words “boss” and “break.”

But there is hope!  Your customer service tenure doesn’t have to be filed under “worst job ever.”  There are a few things you can do to make the most out of your customer service employment.  First thing’s first, though.  You’ll need to hone in on a few important customer service skills.  When you feel ready to take the plunge into improving your customer service abilities, take a look at these these five customer service tips and think about how you can apply them to your job.  Take the effort to think critically about these points, and you’re bound to see improvements in customer satisfaction and retention.  Take them to heart, follow these five customer service tips, and you’ll be able to take your work performance a step further.

Customer Service Tip #1. The customer isn’t always right, but don’t let them know that


“The customer is always right” is the classic mantra of customer service.  But you know this isn’t always the case.  There may be times when a customer is not entirely correct, but don’t let them know that!  Instead, suggest a better solution to their problems.  For bonus points, make them think that it’s all their idea!  As long as you never tell them that they’re “wrong,” you’re golden.

Another great idea: offer the customer a bonus for reporting an “issue” to you.  If you are allowed to, provide extra services offered by your company, or maybe offer a discount to a superior product or package. Customers are receptive to bonuses and discounts.  If your company allows you to offer incentives, chances are high that you’ll not only make them loyal to you, but you’ll also have them recommending your services to friends and relatives. Just make sure your customers original problem is properly diagnosed and treated.What to remember: Customers can be wrong, but never allow them to feel wrong.  Spin the situation so it’s advantageous for everyone involved.

Customer Service Tip #2. Negative feedback is actually a good thing


Many customer service representatives take negative feedback as something bad.  It makes them feel like that the services provided by their company are not good enough to satisfy customers’ requirements.  Heck, sometimes it makes customer service employees feel downright inadequate. Don’t let that be you!  Negative feedback can actually be a good thing.  Seriously! When customers think something is wrong with the products or services you provide, then it means one thing and one thing only: there’s room for improvement.  Nobody’s perfect–we all make mistakes, and we all learn from our mistakes.  Look at it like a learning opportunity, and your outlook will change.

And there’s more!  When a customer gives you negative feedback, think of it as a shortcut to finding the root of their problems.  With this philosophy, you have the power to turn negative feedback into a positive outcome. Use the negative information, provide your clients with a remedy to their problem, and confirm that you understand the situation. As a customer service representative, you may feel like you’re at the bottom of the totem pole, but customers regard you as a person with a great authority in the company.  Give them the impression that they are right.What to remember: Don’t let negative feedback bring you down.  Take the information and use it your advantage and really help the customer out.  At the very least, learn from your mistakes so “it” doesn’t happen again next time.

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