Prior Approval for Outside Employment
and Activities Required for Public and Confidential Financial Disclosure Filers


On March, 24, 2000, the U.S. Department of Agriculture published an interim rule in the Federal Register that requires all employees who file a public or confidential financial disclosure report to seek and obtain prior approval to engage in outside employment and activities. This rule became final on October 2, 2000. The requirement does not prevent employees from seeking outside employment, but helps to prevent employees from getting themselves into situations were it might be perceived by a reasonable person that a conflict may exist.

Employees must use form OE-101, “Application for Approval to Engage in Non-Federal Employment or Activity.” This form is available on the Forms section of our website. Approval by the immediate supervisor and appropriate ethics advisor will be based on an assessment that the employment generally does not appear to violate any criminal statutes or other administrative regulations pertaining to ethics. It is not a determination that a criminal or ethical conflict could not arise.

All employees considering outside employment should carefully review and be familiar with the provisions of the Standards of Ethical Conduct (5 CFR, Subpart H, §§ 2635.801 - 807) and USDA Departmental Regulation 4070-735-001, Employee Responsibilities and Conduct.

Should you have any questions regarding this rule, feel free to contact your Agency or Area Ethics Advisor.